Challenge Exams

Challenge exams are available to students who are able to demonstrate proficiency in the course learning outcomes through education or experience, but may be ineligible for transfer of credit.

Challenge examinations consist of the final exam for the current course and require the exam to be proctored. In courses that culminate in a final paper, the challenge exam consists of comparable writing assessments. 

Apply for a challenge exam online here.

Before attempting the exam, students may review the course description, learning outcomes, and a list of required textbooks on the ACHS website under each course description. Students should also ensure they obtain copies of current editions of required texts to prepare for the exam if needed.

The passing score for challenge exams is 70%.

No more than 25% of the credits towards a degree can be obtained through examinations and are subject to ACHS’s maximum allowable transfer of credit requirements in combination with transfer of credit for earned academic credit. Details are available from Admissions or Student Services; view fee information online at

Students who successfully pass a challenge exam will not incur tuition charges for the course(s). If a student successfully passes a challenge exam after the course tuition has been applied to the student’s account, the course will be cancelled and a pro-rated tuition adjustment will be credited to the student’s account in accordance with the institution’s refund policy (refer to the refund policy).

Students may also be eligible to earn credit by CLEP, DSST and AP exams:

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