NUT 309

Topics in Holistic Nutrition Online


Holistic nutrition is the foundation to any natural health lifestyle plan for optimal health. This course covers CAM topics in nutrition, such as “nutritionism” and the Western diet, detoxification, fasting and elimination and juice therapies, acid-alkaline balance, raw foods, and a detailed look at food labeling.  These issues in nutrition will be reviewed using contemporary authors, such as Michael Pollan (In Defense of Food), Elson Haas (The New DeTox Diet), Christopher Vasey (The Acid Alkaline Diet for Optimal Health) and Kimberly Lord Stewart (Eating Between the Lines).

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the evolution of our modern supermarket-based food system, how it impacts health, and how to help people move away from it.

  • Evaluate and discuss the concept of fasting and detoxification.

  • Discuss the use of fresh juices to support cleansing.

  • List and evaluate the steps of the detox diet.

  • Discuss and evaluate acid-alkaline theory and list the steps to an alkaline diet.

  • Recognize and discuss the labeling of different classes of food including meat, poultry, dairy, grains, oils, snack food, and soda.

  • Explain the standards for calling a food organic.

  • Discuss the dietary and social implications of tea and coffee production.

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