ACHS Announces Three New Classes for 2015

ACHS is excited to announce three new classes to help enhance your holistic health knowledge
and expand your career. Whether you’re a holistic health enthusiast passionate about learning more about personal health and wellness or a seasoned professional interested in continuing education, these courses are the perfect fit for you!

Read more below and contact ACHS Student Services at for more information about how to get started!

Check out these opportunities to expand your training:

HLTH 201 – Physical Activity and Wellness

HLTH 201 provides students with a strong foundation for more advanced studies in natural health and holistic wellness. Learners will gain a solid understanding of the importance of exercise, nutrition, emotional/mental health, social and interpersonal/intimate relationships, drug/alcohol awareness, physical fitness routines, disease prevention, chronic illness and other important concepts.

HED 303 – Stress Management and Emotional Health

HED 303 explores the factors associated with the development of emotional health and the management of stress as a basis for understanding a lifestyle that provides for health and wellness. The course emphasizes teaching stress management and emotional health within a consulting, coaching, or an educational setting.

NAT 305 – Wellness Coaching and Communication Skills

NAT 305 provides undergraduate students with foundational wellness coaching skills and knowledge, which are applied in real-world situations commonly encountered in various healthcare environments.