NCBTMB & ACHS Launch Spa Management Certificate

Burr Ridge, Ill. / Portland, Ore. (August 4, 2017)—The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) announced today a partnership with the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) to introduce the profession’s first Spa Management Specialty Certificate Program.

“We developed ACHS’s Holistic Spa Management program to fill an industry demand,” says Dorene Petersen, ACHS president and founder. “We’re very happy to offer this credential opportunity to Massage Therapists through our new partnership with the NCBTMB Specialty Certificate Program. The ACHS Holistic Spa Management Certificate Program provides participating massage therapists with a credential in only 15 weeks. We’re honored to support these professionals on their chosen leadership path.”

The program prepares professionals to work in a spa management position, and is ideal for massage therapists looking to grow their career in the spa industry. Upon completion of this Specialty Certificate Program, massage therapists will benefit from:

  • A solid foundation in strategic planning for spas
  • Knowledge of the evolution of the modern spa experience
  • Learning how to identify current and emerging trends
  • A solid understanding of retail pricing and retail operations
  • Knowledge on how to maximize retail space for profit, visual merchandising, inventory management, and record keeping
  • The necessary business forecasting skills to implement for a successful spa
  • A broadened knowledge of aromatherapy as an essential modality to implement for spas
  • Learned tactics of staff management, as well as ways to increase productivity and staff adoption to department activities

The program has two key components:

  1. ACHS Certificate in Holistic Spa Management (five courses totaling nine semester credit hours*)
  2. NCBTMB Specialty Exam (available online) * DEAC Accredited Undergraduate Credit

ACHS’s comprehensive, online, 15-week courses focus on key facets of spa management, including: SPA 120: A Comprehensive Introduction to Spa Management; AROMA 103: Introduction to Aromatherapy for Spa Managers; SPA 220: Retail Management for Spas; SPA 250: Supervision in the Hospitality Industry; and SPA 367: Financial Management for Spas.

SPA 120: A Comprehensive Introduction to Spa Management is a prerequisite to sequential courses SPA 220, SPA 250, and SPA 367—all of which are required to complete ACHS’s Certificate in Holistic Spa Management. Typically, SPA 120 and AROMA 103 are taken at the same time, followed by SPA 220, SPA 250, and SPA 367.

“Our courses in Holistic Spa Management were designed to take our students to the next level in their spa career,” said Shawn Hallum, ACHS spa program chair. “Partnering with NCBTMB aligns perfectly with that strategy by awarding respected credentials that summarize students’ educational achievement and give them a professional advantage.”

“We are thrilled to partner with ACHS to create yet another career pathway for all massage therapists, bodyworkers, spa managers, and even spa owners with an interest in furthering their success,” commented Donna Sarvello, NCBTMB vice president of educational support. “By achieving this Specialty Certificate, therapists are empowered with an industry-recognized credential to separate themselves from the pack. NCBTMB is proud to continue fulfilling its mission of defining and advancing newer, higher standards for therapists involved in this rewarding sector.”

After completing ACHS’s online Holistic Spa Management program and passing the NCBTMB Specialty Exam, participants will earn a NCBTMB Specialty Certificate in Spa Management. In addition, participants will receive a letter of verification outlining the education and training they have received, which may be provided to stakeholders, such as employers.

ACHS tuition and fees to complete all five ACHS online courses is $2579. The fee for the NCBTMB Specialty Exam is $95.

For more information on the ACHS Certificate in Holistic Spa Management, visit

For more information on the NCBTMB/ACHS Spa Management Specialty Certificate, visit

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