Dr. Koffi Dessou Announced As New Instructor For ACHS Business Department

Portland, Ore.—June 4, 2021—American College of Healthcare Sciences’ (ACHS) Dean of Business, Dr. Susan Marcus, announces the addition of Dr. Koffi Dessou to the faculty community for the college’s Business Department and MBA program.

As Assistant Professor, Dr. Dessou will bring his educational and professional expertise to undergraduate and graduate courses in business topics including communications, organizational effectiveness, human capital, leadership, operations and value chain management, and the MBA Applied Capstone. He will also work with the college’s Center for Excellence in Teaching, Technology, and Assessment (CETTA) and the department dean to conduct program reviews, make recommendations on methods of assessment, propose new course offerings, and identify career and internship opportunities. 

ACHS Dean of Business Dr. Susan Marcus shared, “We are very happy to announce the addition of Dr. Koffi Dessou to the faculty. Previously, Dr. Dessou played a key role on our founding MBA program advisory council, shaping our vision for the curriculum and learning outcomes. In particular, Dr. Dessou helped ensure the MBA experience at ACHS stays true to our holistic mission. That entails a solid and rigorous learning opportunity for students with entrepreneurial interests or seeking upward mobility in all industries — an experience that embeds social and environmental sustainability throughout all topics, and ensures students cultivate a global mindset during their work with us. We are excited about Dr. Dessou’s transition into a teaching role at ACHS!” 

Dr. Dessou holds both Doctorate and Master of Business Administration degrees with an emphasis in global management, and has 30 years of experience in leadership and management of public administration, business administration, human resources management, nonprofit administration, equity and human rights, and community-based organizations.

He currently leads the City of Portland’s racial equity-centered results-based accountability framework, budget equity assessment, workplace equity, and equity in employee performance review, and leadership development. He previously served as the Interim Director of the City of Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights for thirteen months. Prior to that Dr. Dessou created and managed the City’s Equity Training and Education Program. Before moving to America in 2008 with his wife and their four children, Dr. Dessou worked for the U.S. Department of State at the American Embassy in Togo for 16 years. 

Dr. Dessou’s perspective on the role of business is a perfect fit with our mission at ACHS. He says, “I view the role of business from a community-centered standpoint because I think business leaders and managers should aspire to create or add value, financial and non-financial, for workers as a community, customers as a community, investors as a community, and the environment as the home of the larger community.”

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