ACHS Unveils Accredited Online Doctor of Science in Integrative Health

ACHS Doctor of Science in Integrative Health Degree: An experiential doctorate program designed for practitioners, product manufacturers, educators, and coordinated care professionals

Portland, OR – American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), an accredited online college and Certified B Corp® based in Portland, Oregon, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Doctor of Science in Integrative Health (DSc) program. This innovative online degree is designed to empower healthcare practitioners and professionals, providing them with the tools and expertise to excel in the field of integrative and coordinated care. Graduates of this program will play a pivotal role in meeting the growing demand for highly qualified integrative health and wellness professionals across various healthcare occupations. Graduates of this program may also contribute to natural product research and development, contributions to the dietary supplement industry, and community health programs and initiatives.

The ACHS DSc program distinguishes itself among other graduate healthcare degrees because of its unique specializations in functional nutrition, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy. Notably, it is the first and only doctorate program in the United States to offer a specialization in aromatherapy, making it a pioneering program in the field of integrative health education. Moreover, it is one of the few accredited online integrative health doctorate programs available.

The DSc program is tailor-made for:

  • Integrative health and nutrition practitioners
  • Dietary supplement manufacturers
  • Educators
  • Coordinated care professionals


The ACHS Doctor of Science in Integrative Health degree delivers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses “hands-on” experiences, research opportunities, and mentorship by world-class experts. Dr. Janet Ludwig, ACHS Dean of Integrative Health and Nutrition, shares:

“The Doctor of Science in Integrative Health (DSc) provides the student with cutting-edge information to become the top in their field of education, client-oriented services, or research studies for industry or academia. The student will have “hands-on” experiences working with volunteer clients; developing functional nutrition, herbal, and aromatherapy protocols; presenting research reports; and participating in journal clubs and seminars while being mentored by world-class experts in these areas.”

Consisting of 60-semester credits across the integrative health spectrum, the ACHS DSc program provides a comprehensive foundation in functional nutrition, global health, an integrative approach to understanding disease processes, biostatistics, bioethics (critical in today’s healthcare system), and environmental nutrition. Over the course of three years, students will explore major literature, theories, practices, problems, ethical issues, and research methods relevant to the wellness sector, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the integrative health field through their own dissertation research.

The program culminates with a dissertation, where students will showcase their extensive knowledge of the history and evolution of the integrative health and functional nutrition fields, along with their chosen specialization area(s). The doctoral dissertation will demonstrate practical applications and contribute to the broader knowledge base of integrative health, encompassing academic, social, political, health, environmental, or other applicable areas of interest.

How to Apply

ACHS will welcome its inaugural cohort of students for the Doctor of Science in Integrative Health for Fall 2023. Applicants should apply online at and contact or 800-487-8839 for more information.

About ACHS

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