Master of Science in Herbal Medicine


The mission of the Master of Science in Herbal Medicine degree program is to develop a practical and theoretical understanding of clinical herbalism, herbal formulation, herbal research, herb-drug interactions, herbal product creation and professionally apply this knowledge to educate clients and consumers about the safe use of herbs for health and wellness.

With the growing use of herbs in various industries, this degree offers in depth knowledge and practice in herbs to work in fields like personal care and beauty, health coaching, workplace wellness, nutraceutical industry and integrative health centers.


Integrate herbal medicine and wellness principles for personal health & wellness

Diversify a new or existing healthcare practice with an emphasis in herbal medicine and holistic protocols

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze current research in herbal medicine to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and validity of various herbal protocols.
  • Synthesize knowledge of herbal medicine with other healthcare modalities to develop integrative support plans that incorporate herbal remedies as part of a comprehensive healthcare approach.
  • Design safe, effective, evidence-based, holistic herbal lifestyle support plans to follow best practices for informed consent, intake skills, the scope of practice, assessment skills, and herbal applications.
  • Apply understanding of herbal medicine to create herbal approaches for promoting optimal wellness.
  • Integrate emerging research in herbal medicine, staying up-to-date with new scientific discoveries and innovations.
  • Recognize the role of herbal remedies in traditional healing practices and their relevance in contemporary healthcare settings.
  • Integrate human anatomy, physiology, and appropriate medical terminology into the professional practice of herbal medicine.
  • Synthesize a study or research review on a current issue or theory in herbal medicine.

Career Goals:

  • Clinical Herbalist
  • Registered Herbalist American Herbalist Guild (AHG) [6]
  • Master Herbalist
  • Herbal Educator, Consultant, Retailer, Writer
  • Lifestyle Coach or Consultant
  • Herbal Products Manufacturer or Formulator
  • Administrative, customer service, sales associate, or support role in any healthcare organization or practice
  • Adjunct to an existing healthcare or bodywork practice
  • Esthetician specializing in herbal protocols

Current Instructors:

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Admissions Requirements:

Candidates must possess a baccalaureate degree or higher from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education. Candidates must submit official transcripts directly from the issuing institutions. All applicants must be recommended for admission by the ACHS Admissions Committee.

Tuition and Fees:

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