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Do you want to elevate your career in holistic health?  


We offer a full range of Herbal Medicine certificate, diploma and degree plans! 

The Herbal Medicine Department at ACHS offers you the opportunity to confidently explore nature’s most precious plants. During your interactive, engaging, online herbalist training you will learn to recognize and work with a wide range of herbs, many of which are common weeds. You’ll learn to formulate herbal remedies to support wellness, address specific wellness challenges, and enhance the optimal function of the body. All online classes include organic herb sample kits and other study materials to enhance experiential learning.

The herbal programs at ACHS cover all aspects of herbal medicine training.

At the American College of Healthcare Sciences, we feel it’s necessary to offer three distinct levels of learning so everyone has a place – from those of you who enjoy growing and harvesting herbs, and making basic tinctures, to those whose passion is to become a Master Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, or Herbal Educator.

Your admissions advisor will help you develop the best path for your education and opportunities to earn a wide range of accredited, nationally recognized credentials, including your:

All of our herbal programs are well-suited to health care professionals who are searching for additional training in complementary health care. You can enhance your herbalism skills, become a credentialed professional herbalist and develop a Master Herbalist professional practice.

Master Herbalist (MH) graduates of the ACHS Diploma in Herbal Studies program are eligible to apply for professional membership of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), the only professional association representing herbalists in the UnIted States. ACHS Master Herbalist graduates are also eligible to initiate the AHG clinical training requirement, available through the AHG mentorship program. Master Herbalist graduates can also apply for practitioner liability insurance.

The Department of Herbal Medicine at ACHS is both fun and challenging. Classes start 6 times per year. At ACHS, you study with a group of colleagues and have opportunities to make lifelong friendships.

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