Adult Skills Scholarship Recipient: Carolyn Critchelow


Don’t quit don’t give up on what your dreams are. Surround yourself with like minded people!” ~ Carolyn Critchelow

Discovering Holistic Health

Carolyn Critchelow is a recipient of the ACHS Adult Skills Scholarship. Carolyn is currently a nurse but has become passionate about integrative health and wants to learn more about the holistic approach to care rather than Western medicine. She started her journey at Hawthorn University and transitioned to ACHS following their closure in 2021 to finish her program. Carolyn is a current student at ACHS in our Diploma in Holistic Health Practice program.  

Experience with ACHS

Carolyn has been attending ACHS since the Fall semester of 2021. She enjoys her studies, expanding her knowledge in content that informs her personal and professional passion. Carolyn told me, “she likes the fact that she is learning more of what she wants to learn for her future.” 

She also expressed that she enjoys the online aspect of learning with ACHS, and our students can make their schedules. Carolyn appreciates how “our professors are very responsive and engaged in their classrooms.” She enjoyed her NAT 306 – Holistic Health and Business Skills course because of the business and marketing aspects discussed. This course specifically was the first time she gained this knowledge to help her start her business. Shawn Hallum, her professor for this course, “was extraordinary with his support, a wealth of knowledge, and provided feedback that was greatly appreciated.”

Carolyn is looking forward to her Summer semester and wanted to express how thankful she received this scholarship. She and her family have a lot going on right now, and this unexpected award has given her the extra support they need right now. She is “very grateful for this opportunity!”

Written By Amy Swinehart, Director of Alumni and Career Services

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