Holistic Health Graduate Achieves Her Dream

Longview, Washington resident, Shannon Mesneak, opened her new shop, Let’s Be Holistic, herbal medicine and more, located at Merk 1339 Commerce, Suite 110, on December 8, 2018 just in time for the holiday season. A unique feature of the shop is the “Herb Wall” with more than 70 loose herbs and teas that can be mixed and matched, infused and used for decoctions.

The shop is the only one of its kind in the Longview area between Portland and Seattle and she is delighted to be able to share the experience of taste and smell with those who enter her lovely shop. She especially loves developing special yummy teas from her organic and sustainably grown tea varieties that include a bit of something medicinal. “It’s sort of the spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down approach,” says Shannon. 

The shop has an office space where Shannon can meet with customers and a teaching space for classes. The first class in her shop, was January 12 and featured retired US Army Colonel, Phil Blair MD,  https://drblairmd.weebly.com/ speaking on the health and pain relief benefits of CBD.  Shannon says many people in her community are excited to find ways to manage pain without using and/or reducing pain medications.

It was when her children became teens and empty nest loomed in her future that Shannon decided to pursue her passion to learn more about natural medicine.  She  found the American College of Healthcare Sciences’ (ACHS) accredited college on-line, on-campus and study abroad integrative health education offerings while searching the internet. 

The rest is history. In 2017, she graduated with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine https://achs.edu/programs/associate-applied-science-complementary-alternative-medicine-online-aas and additionally received her Holistic Health Practice Diploma. https://achs.edu/programs/diploma-holistic-health-practice-online-hhp

Shannon shared, “I was able to complete my education in my own timeline and from the convenience of my home through ACHS’s distance learning classes.

She completed two internships after graduating from ACHS. One was online with Dr. Lori Rose, at Hill College, in Texas and the other with Dr. Jillian Stansbury in Battleground, Washington.  These experiences supplied her with the hands-on practice she needed to be able to sit for the NANP exam and a chance to work in an apothecary shop blending teas and herbs.  Talking with and working one-on-one with clients  gave her the confidence she needed to open her own shop.

Shannon was encouraged recently when she accompanied her mother to a cardiologist appointment. The cardiologist shared with them that she’d just taken an herb class because her patients are using herbs and she feels it’s important to work with herbalists to know more about how herbs work and how they can be integrated into her practice to support patient wellness, healthy longevity and disease prevention. 

“I love how people in the health field are so supportive and inclusive. I think it’s important to have mentors, the knowledge being passed is one of the best things about herbal medicine, everyone that I have met through my learning is super excited to share,” says Shannon.

From the time she was a little girl, she’s been fascinated by different kinds of plants, both wild and domestic. “I remember my mother scolding me for tasting plants growing in the wild. Well, I haven’t traveled far from my roots living in a rural area of Longview, Washington. I still keep a vegetable garden with herbs and a lavender and lemon thyme garden where I enjoy watching a variety of bees that also appreciate the scents and beauty of the blossoms.  We still have the family horse, four cats, three dogs and two sheep on the farm,” says Shannon.

More information can be found on Shannon Mesneak’s website and Facebook page  Let’s Be Holistic  Let’s Be Holistic Facebook  and she can be reached at 360-644-3157.

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