ADHD: A Better Way

ADHD: A Better Way
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One in six children, between the ages of four and 17, have been diagnosed with some type of mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder—-many diagnosed with ADHD. What is causing this off the chart rise in diagnosis? Are there natural alternatives or are parents limited to a handful of pharmaceuticals?

Join ACHS graduate Mary Ernsberger in this exclusive webcast exploring trends, natural remedies, and protocols for supporting children with ADHD and other learning disorders.

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Learning Outcomes

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: disorder vs. genius
Causes: allopathic and CAM perspectives
Statistics: Number of children affected vs. number actually being diagnosed/medicated
Labeling: Short-term and long-term effects
Treatment options: Allopathic and CAM
Decision time: To switch or not to switch

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