A Comprehensive Introduction to Spa Management Online - SPA 120

A Comprehensive Introduction to Spa Management Online
Integrative Health, Spa Management
Course Number
SPA 120


SPA120 introduces students to the spa industry and provides knowledge of the historical significance of spas and current industry trends and challenges. Students will become familiar with the major types of spas and different types of spa treatments. They will gain general knowledge of legal requirements for spa design and construction, major employment laws, and operational policies and practices. Important Complementary and Alternative Medicine modalities that can be utilized by the spa practitioner will also be presented. The course is focused on good business practices such as client management, ethics, and employee relations.


Approved by NCBTMB for 46 hours of continuing education in Business/Marketing (Home Study) - ACHS Provider #022396-00

Learning Outcomes

Describe the development of spa traditions, therapies, spa types, and spa-goers and explain the philosophy and goals of each.
Discuss the evolution of the spa industry and identify spa-related businesses, organizations, and trends that influence them in contemporary society.
Explain how spas can achieve profitability and implement superior customer service.
Identify career opportunities, discuss the qualifications needed for various positions, and describe a day in the life of a spa director.
Describe the importance of ethical leadership and the strategies to ensure its success.

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  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)

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Updated 11/25/19

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