Science Supports Viola’s Traditional Medicinal Value

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By Dorene Petersen BA, Dip.NT, Dip.Acu, RH (AHG) and Glen Nagel, ND, RH(AHG) This article is republished with permission from the International Herb Association’s book Viola: Herb of the Year 2022. Exquisite wild violet (Viola odorata L.) flowers fluttering in a gentle wind, like small, purple butterflies never fail to delight. Equally delightful is embarking […]

Exploring Aromatic Love Potions on Valentine’s Day


Are you planning on indulging in self-care, celebrating love with your special love, or your family and friends, this Valentine’s Day? If yes then plan to luxuriate in sensual essential oils and harmonious herbs. It is a great time to boost your home apothecary. We have curated an alchemical love collection of herbs and oils […]

Superbug in Oregon? What Essential Oil Research Tells Us

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A news report is out today, December 29. 2021 that identifies the arrival of the first three cases of the “superbug” drug-resistant Candida auris in Oregon.[1] This alarming news sparks an urgent need to research powerful plant sourced alternatives.[2] A less well-known Australian essential oil known as Buddha Wood oil Eremophila mitchellii (Benth.) may provide […]