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We know that funding your education is an important investment. Scholarships are free money that you don’t have to pay back and an excellent way to supplement other funding sources.

Keep reading to learn more about ACHS and external scholarship opportunities listed below.

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ACHS Adult Scholarship

ACHS offers a scholarship for adult students in the form of a one-time $1000 tuition scholarship (not to exceed 35% of tuition for the student's enrolled program). The College awards up to 10 of these scholarships each year and selects recipients based on the following criteria:

  • Acceptance for admission to a program consisting of at least six semester credits;
  • Must be at least 19 years of age and have a state-approved high school diploma or equivalency (GED);
  • Have a demonstrated record of academic success [If a new applicant at ACHS, please provide your previous College transcripts.]
  • If awarded, the scholarship is pro-rated per course, granting a scholarship of up to 35% of tuition up to the maximum award of $1000. Enrolled students must maintain satisfactory academic progress for continued award of the scholarship up to $1000.

To apply, please complete the ACHS Adult Scholarship Application and submit with the following materials to or mail to ACHS, 5005 SW Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR 97239 Attn: Scholarships:

  • Official transcripts demonstrating previous academic success (Please notify us if you have already submitted your transcripts for your admissions application)
  • Two letters of recommendation from suitable professional references attesting to your ability to be successful in studies and your commitment to the holistic health field

ACHS Adult Scholarship applications are reviewed three times per year. Application deadlines and review dates are listed below:

ACHS Semester Application Deadline Recipients Notified
Summer 2019 3/15/19 4/12/19
Fall 2019 7/12/19 8/9/19


External Scholarship Resources

Meet our Scholarship Recipients

Christal Paul
2019 Spring Scholarship Recipient
Michael Ford
2019 Spring Scholarship Recipient
Todd Skorich
2019 Summer Scholarship Recipient