ACHS Staff

Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO


Assistant Professor

Undergraduate courses taught: AROMA 101, AROMA 203, AROMA 303, AROMA 304, AROMA 305, CHEM 120, HERB 101, HERB 201, HERB 302, HERB 303, HERB 304, HERB 331, HLTH 201, HLTH 410, HLTH 416, IHS 100, IHS 101, NAT 101, NAT 204, NAT 210, NAT 211, NAT 212, NAT 302, NAT 303, NAT 306, NAT 307, NUT 101, NUT 210, NUT 301, NUT 302, NUT 303, NUT 308, NUT 309, NUT 401, NUT 415, NUT 499, PHL 101, PHL 202, PSY 303, RES 301

Graduate courses taught: AROMA 501, AROMA 503, AROMA 504, AROMA 505, AROMA 507, CAP 501, CHEM 501, HED 503, HERB 521, HERB 531, HERB 541, HED 503, HERB 502, HERB 503, HERB 504, HOM 501, NAT 501, NAT 502, NAT 503, NAT 504, NUT 501, NUT 509, NUT 510, RES 501

Dr. Judith Boice is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, best-selling and award-winning author, and international teacher.

She graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (formerly the National College of Naturopathic Medicine) in 1994 and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1996. Dr. Boice has been in practice for 24 years and is a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO) and Senior Vitalist of the Naturopathic Medical Institute. She previously worked at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Southwestern Regional Medical Center for three years.

Dr. Boice’s mission is to treat the whole person, not just symptoms, and she delivers sustainable healthcare rather than quick fixes. She believes when people know what being healthy looks like for them, they get to have a great life, whether that’s riding bikes with their grandchildren, running three Iron Man competitions a year, or staying healthy in a high-pressure job. Dr. Boice consults with private patients, writes books, and offers trainings that teach people with chronic illness how to increase their energy, reduce symptoms, and reverse disease by restoring their health with natural medicines.

Dr. Boice lives in Madras, Oregon, and is a single mom of twin boys. She loves gardening, practicing qigong, meditating, hiking, and wandering in wilderness areas. She is the author of several magazine articles and ten books, including The Green Medicine Chest: Healthy Treasures for the Whole Family (Amazon #1 Best-seller; Silver Medal, Nautilus Book Awards; and Bronze Medal, Living Now Book Awards).