ACHS Staff

Nafiseh Khoram, BS, MS

Assistant Professor

Nafiseh Khoram holds a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics from the Azad University in Tehran and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Her academic journey laid the foundation for her passion for applying mathematical principles in real-world contexts.

Embarking on a career in mathematical applications, she navigated diverse roles, including as a data analyst at a retail audit company and a change management specialist at an overseas automobile manufacturer. These experiences equipped her with a robust understanding of leveraging mathematics in practical and impactful ways within the industrial landscape.

Her professional trajectory evolved further when she transitioned to an academic role as a Mathematics Lecturer at CSUN. Over the years, she dedicated herself to fostering mathematical literacy and critical thinking skills among students, as well as contributing to the world’s most personalized private school, The Fusion Academy, where she served as a Mathematics Teacher, enriching students’ learning experiences through creative pedagogical methods.

Outside the classroom, she is a movie enthusiast and enjoys baking, running, and spending time with her little one.

Beyond academia and hobbies, she actively engages in the academic community as the Lecturers’ Representative in the Faculty Senate at CSUN, a role that allows her to advocate for the interests and concerns of her colleagues, contributing to the enhancement of the academic environment.

Her journey has been a harmonious blend of academic exploration, practical application in industry, and a commitment to shaping the next generation of mathematical minds. She looks forward to continued contributions to the field of mathematics and education, leveraging her diverse experiences to inspire and empower others in their learning journeys.