ACHS Continuing Education Requirements for Faculty & Staff


Continuing Education (CE) requirements for ACHS faculty are an integral aspect of ACHS’s mission to offer up-to-date, holistic health online programs, and an exceptional online education instructed by highly qualified faculty.

Continuing Education helps ensure that ACHS’s faculty members stay current in both their field of expertise and in tools and techniques of online teaching.


ACHS’s CE requirements are very straightforward. Faculty must complete 12 hours of CE per calendar year, the attendance of which must be verifiable. Within the 12 required hours of continuing education, faculty should complete at least six hours of training specifically in online education and six hours related to the topic(s) they teach. ACHS offers subject-specific continuing education opportunities for faculty or faculty can complete other continuing education courses of their choice. 

View ACHS’s continuing education courses online at

New Faculty Exception

New ACHS faculty need not complete any continuing education in the first calendar year they are hired by ACHS.

Qualifying Continuing Education

ACHS’s qualifying subject matter is broad. Anything reasonably deemed to be curriculum and/or online teaching-related can be considered qualifying. Courses, including distance learning or on campus, and seminars all qualify. Please ensure that appropriate documentation is forwarded to the Assistant Director of Compliance for your CE hours to count towards your requirement. Documentation may include official certificates, ticket stubs, emails, or any reasonable evidence demonstrating you attended the event.

Submit your continuing education online here and provide documentation such as Certificate of Attendance, email verification of attendance for webinars, or similar documentation to substantiate CE activities.